Sum-thing different from Romania


Well, anything’s better than wearing 17, isn’t it? (That was a joke, btw – but, as Twitter user  points out, the answer could be 3 or 13, depending on whether it’s six multiplied by five and then subtracting four, or taking four from five – one – and then dividing by six).

Edit: See comments for the debunking of that theory.

As this article explains, Romania fares badly in terms of school dropouts, so this initiative – used in the warm-up ahead of the game against Spain on Sunday night – aims to bring awareness to the problem.

It’s not the ‘real’ kind of squad-number subject matter we’re normally interested in, but it’s creative and it’s for the greater good, so it’s alright by us – especially as Romania had seven 1-11 numbers playing during the game itself, when FIFA rules meant they had to go conventional.


3 thoughts on “Sum-thing different from Romania

  1. It’s not at all open to interpretation. Multiplication is always done before addition/subtraction unless there are brackets to show otherwise.

    The only thing that can cause ambiguity is if you use the ÷ sign, but they’ve been sensible and expressed it as a fraction so we do t have to worry about that.


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