Marko Grujic, conservative or coward?

The Serbian midfielder, who will join Liverpool in the summer, has expressed reservations about taking the number 8 shirt, last worn by Steven Gerrard. Of his other suggestions, we’d certainly consider 35 a lesser evil than 88.

Last summer, Danny Ings also decided he’d prefer a higher number so as not to invite pressure from the off. Is it indulging players to allow them do this, or are they being given a free pass to shirk responsibility?

2 thoughts on “Marko Grujic, conservative or coward?

  1. I don’t begrudge players being able to choose any number they want if that’s what the system allows (although I do think the system should be amended to something more akin to Spain’s).

    However, I do think of all the Premier League clubs Liverpool’s squad numbering is most in need of a tidying up. Regarding #8, Jordan Henderson would be the most obvious candidate.

    Skrtel at 37 when the 5 is available rankles as well. I could understand his attachment to that number if he had had it at a previous club but I don’t think he did and it’s obviously too high a number for him to wear for Slovakia.

    Obviously you’ve mentioned the goalkeeping situation as well – more than once!


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